3-MARKS™ LinkedIn Profile Optimization Strategy

Out With The Old, In With The New

Wouldn't it be great to wake up every morning and have new conversations in your LinkedIn or Email inbox, from professionals in adjacent industries who wanted to talk about partnering with you? You didn't have to sweet talk them, buy them lunch, fly out to their company to pitch them, offer them guarantees, or any of that. No selling or begging or constant nagging to get them on your team. Wouldn't it be great?

There are a ton of industries where referrals and partnerships with other businesses are the key to finding success long-term - it's just the nature of that business to work in that way. Most individuals are taught the "old-school" methods that may still work to some degree, but are drastically overplayed and inefficient. That's where a system like 3-MARKS™, which we at Strategic Visibility developed specifically for this, comes into play BIG TIME.

What Is 3-MARKS™?

3-MARKS™ is our proprietary LinkedIn Profile Optimization system designed to help B2B professionals attract, connect, and build valuable relationships with their ideal referral partners... all on autopilot. "Set it and forget it" so to speak. On top of increasing the traffic of quality referral partners to your business, you will also establish stronger authority in your professional space - which will consistently draw more B2B prospects to your "digital doorstep" over time.

Most business owners who come onboard with our 3-MARKS™ program begin seeing results within the first 7 days, in the form of a clearer business message, more traffic to their LinkedIn profile, increased connection rate, and improvement in outreach response rate. It's truly the best investment a company can make for themselves and their team members, when they want to completely take over a vertical inside using B2B Lead Generation through LinkedIn.

How Does 3-MARKS™ Work?

1st Mark: Initial LI Profile Optimization

Think of your LinkedIn Profile as a website. When someone visits your website, what will be the factors they look for to decide if they should do business with you or not? You must approach your LinkedIn Profile (and really any other social media accounts) with the same outlook. If your message is boring, generic, or confusing - no one will want to work with you. If you have a profile that is all over the place, or incomplete - people will bounce off your page and go find someone else who can better address their needs.

It's the same reaction high-intent users have to a website that does not address their problems, doesn't provide a clear CTA, and can't articulate "why" they should do business with that company. Reworking and optimizing your LinkedIn Profile the right way gets you vastly ahead of 98% of LinkedIn users who choose to put it aside.

We start by first defining your perfect avatar. Who do you want in your circle of referral partners? For realtors it might be loan officers or listing agents. For mortgage brokers it could be financial advisors. Once this is defined properly we go to work sculpting your LinkedIn Profile around speaking to this 1 avatar effectively. 

Next, we finish building out all of the crucial areas of your profile, like your USP (unique selling proposition), your bio, your work history, recommendations, account posting (yes, this is important), and more. Once complete, and you approve, it's time to hit the next mark: Targeted Outreach Campaigns.

2nd Mark: Targeted Outreach Campaigns

LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns are a crucial element to the effectiveness of 3-MARKS™. Think of it as pouring kerosine on top of a large, lit pyre made up of dry wood and dead brush. What do you think will happen? It will take off immediately and with strong verocity. This is why you need an effective and targeted outreach campaign taking place as soon as your LinkedIn Profile gets completely optimized. Bringing your ideal referral partners into your newly-transformed ecosystem will now breed immensely better results than before - and that's the expectation!

We work with you to build a simple, yet effective sequence of 1-2 messages, showcasing who you are, what you do, and how you can help your avatar. We launch this campaign out to an entire list of people matching your specifications and let the system bring in new connections each and every day.

Expect 20-40 new connections to be accepted and in your network each and every week when 3-MARKS™ is implemented properly.

3rd Mark: Proper Follow-up Execution

Finally, once your LinkedIn Profile is ready and your outreach campaign has been launched, it's time to take charge of your growing network - and capitalize on it effectively. This is where most people play it too passively and don't use the system to it's fullest extent. Once connections start being accepted and your avatar begins reaching out, it's up to you and you alone to pick up the conversation. We provide best-practice SOPs and scripts for following-up with everyone you connect with - increasing the opportunities of doing business with them.

If done correctly, and on a consistent basis, you should be able to get into talks with 5-10 new referral partners, ready to learn more, each and every month. How's that for a B2B Lead Generation plan? 3-MARKS™ is also an excellent system to have a dedicated VA or account manager handle if you simply don't have the time for your own follow-up.

Who Should Use 3-MARKS™?

Our 3-MARKS™ LinkedIn Profile Optimization system can be utilized by anyone in the B2B space. Doesn't matter if you own a business, work for a business, run a recruitment agency, are in manufacturing, or anything else. If your goal is to build relationships with other businesses, 3-MARKS™ will be your ultimate tool in your arsenal to get that done.

Personally, we have worked closely with individuals in Real Estate, Mortgage, Reverse Mortgage, Private Financing, Insurance, Investing, and even Job Recruiting. Our systems are universal and go by a simple formula that ANY B2B company can see massive results with!

Useful LinkedIn Facts

  • LinkedIn Engagement Grew By 23% In 2022
  • Over 58 Million Companies Use LinkedIn 
  • 100 Job Apps Are Submitted Every Second
  • 67% Of Recruiters Claim LinkedIn Brings In More Qualified Hires
  • LinkedIn Is The TOP Platform For B2B Lead Generation
  • If You Are Active On LinkedIn, You Statistically See 5X More Profile Views