Business CRM & Automation Services

Professional CRM & Business Automations Services

Having the right CRM for your business could mean a night/day difference in your yearly revenue. Why is that? A CRM is in place to help you better track, follow up with, and close leads you have acquired through your marketing efforts. It's also a pivotal tool to use for nurturing, email marketing, Business Automations, and many other tasks most would not have the time to do.

The days of pen and paper, file cabinets and manilla folders are over. It's time to step into the digital age of CRMs and realize the business opportunities that are here.

Why Is A Business CRM Important?

CRMs are a tool, and automation inside of a CRM helps better your efficiency and productivity. Without these systems in place, you are leaving money on the table. Businesses that embrace CRMs see greater ROI than those that don't. That's why having the RIGHT automation and Marketing Workflows in place can help you in the long run.

Let's go over a few statistics on why you should be taking a second look into a CRM and automation software:

  • A Business CRM houses all customer data, important notes, files, and personal records in one place
  • CRMs are in the top 3 tools businesses use to foster trust and loyalty with customers
  • 82% of companies use CRMs specifically for Marketing Workflows
  • 79% of businesses currently use some kind of CRM software
  • 60% of companies say their productivity increased by using a CRM
  • 39% of businesses claim their sales, upsells, and cross-selling efforts increased through CRM usage
  • The average ROI from a CRM is around $8.71 for every $1 spent
  • CRMs can increase conversion rates by upwards of 300%

Strategic Visibility's CRM & Business Automation Services

When you partner with Strategic Visibility, we want the WHOLE business to thrive. Marketing is great, and having the proper software and tools supporting you on the backend adds a bonus effect.

We offer our own proprietary Business CRM software, called SVDigital, only for our customers. Depending on how we are partnering together we may include seats to SVDigital for free - ask us about it!

It's our aim to make sure you and your team have everything you need to grow. That means generating more leads, capturing better conversations, and securing more customers.

We do this through the use of many features our own Business CRM environment provides. This includes Marketing Workflows, calendars, 2-way communications, followup sequences, reporting, and more!

Automated Workflows

Workflows help increase productivity in your business. Adding workflows and other Business Automations into your company ensures all tasks get completed on time

We build many types of workflows for customers using our Business CRM. These include appointment reminders, internal notifications, invoicing, pipeline flows, and much more.

Take the manual work off your plate, and use custom automation to build your business better.

Personal Calendars

Personal calendars are becoming a huge time-saver these days. Instead of having to log appointments by hand, leads and prospects can open a link and book a time with you on their own. They can also be used to block off valuable time for meetings, personal tasks, and even alerts.

Every time an appointment gets added, your team members are notified through the CRM - they never miss a beat!

Strategic Visibility sets up a personal calendar for each team member. They have their own availability, call durations, and integration with Zoom if need be. We can even set up team calendars for Round-Robin calling and lead handling.

2-Way SMS/Email

Another strong component of most CRMs is their ability to communicate with clients and leads through 2-way SMS/Email. No needing to jump between CRM, Outlook, your cell phone, or any other apps - it's all built-in. In fact, some clients like using their CRM like a mini phone system - complete with a dialer, caller ID, and more.

Having native 2-way communication speeds up the time-to-lead, improving closing ratios. On top of SMS and email, you can also tie in your company's FB, Instagram, GMB, and Whatsapp profiles, so you can chat through those as well.

Marketing Sequences

In marketing and sales, consistency is key; both in outreach and follow-up. That's why it's crucial to have marketing, follow-up, and nurturing sequences in place when generating leads. It helps bring people into your brand much easier and ensures you don't let any opportunity go to waste.

Right now marketing sequences are becoming a huge trend. They help businesses secure more revenue with the same, or less, amount of effort involved.

Strategic Visibility can help set up these messaging sequences, so you can convert more leads into paying customers.

Full-Scale Reporting

A good CRM is not complete without a solid reporting system. SVDigital offers call reporting, recording, audit logs, appointment reporting, and more. Never miss a detail and capture more revenue by becoming a well-oiled machine - with all the right data at hand.

Use this data to make informed decisions in your company. What needs improving? Who needs firing? Who needs promoting? Are there opportunities to scale? Do we need to re-allocate marketing spending? All good questions that a well-equipped Business CRM can answer.

Use A Business CRM & Marketing Workflows To Increase Customer Retention

Your company can now step into the big leagues with all the Business Automations you need to exceed your goals. Don't let money slip down the drain... repeatedly... month after month, year after year. Let's get you set up with a custom build of SVDigital so you can secure more opportunities for yourself fast!

We offer paid SVDigital packages, as well as free implementations when we partner together on large marketing efforts. We ensure all Marketing Workflows, integration, and training are handled so you can start using a Business CRM designed to help you win.