DB Outdoors’ Facebook Lead Generation Success Story

Posted By Steve Bradford on July 26, 2023

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DB Outdoors, the landscape and concrete experts nestled in the heart of Chelsea, Alabama, yearned for growth. With aspirations of dominating North Alabama's landscape and concrete industry, they sought assistance from Strategic Visibility, LLC, a renowned marketing agency, to skyrocket their business expansion.

In this case study, we will see how Strategic Visibility created exactly the Facebook Lead Generation campaign that DB Outdoors needed right now, while laying the foundation for future growth.

Project Details

  • Project: DB Outdoors, LLC Concrete Contractor
  • Location: Chelsea, AL just SW of Birmingham, AL
  • Problem to Solve: Doug wants to grow his concrete business. He doesn't have the time to do it himself. And he doesn't have the experience to run his own concrete lead generation campaigns
  • Project: Lead Generation
  • Type: FB Ad Campaign
  • Time to Complete: 3 Days to launch, Constantly analyzing and fine-tuning
  • Agency: Strategic Visibility, Rome, GA just North of Atlanta

The Challenge: Growing DB Outdoors

Despite being a reputable concrete contractor in Shelby County, DB Outdoors struggled with limited business growth due to their unsuccessful experiences with previous marketing agencies. The company's owner lacked the time to dedicate to marketing strategies while balancing the operational tasks of his business. Therefore, DB Outdoors needed a reliable marketing partner that could deliver tangible results.

Our Solution: Facebook Lead Generation

Understanding the critical role of social media in contemporary business growth, Strategic Visibility, LLC chose to leverage Facebook ads for DB Outdoors. The agency meticulously gathered essential information about DB Outdoors and their target market, leading to the development and execution of a compelling Facebook lead generation campaign.

The Results: Rapid Business Expansion

Within two weeks of the campaign launch, DB Outdoors had generated 43 qualified leads - a stunning testament to the effectiveness of the campaign. This flurry of potential customers enabled DB Outdoors to close $35,000 in new business.

The campaign didn't stop there. Currently, DB Outdoors is in the process of negotiating an additional $50,000 in working bids. Moreover, there's a stream of quotes still flowing through the pipeline, all set to transform into future business.

Client Satisfaction: A Happy Customer

DB Outdoors has expressed immense satisfaction with the services provided by Strategic Visibility, LLC. The promising results delivered by the campaign have allowed the client to see a bright future in North Alabama's landscape and concrete market.

The client's joy is echoed by the agency, as they are thrilled to see their work translating into measurable growth for DB Outdoors. Moreover, the continuing inflow of leads adds to the assurance that the campaign was a resounding success.

The Power of Effective Digital Marketing

Strategic Visibility, LLC's tailor-made Facebook lead generation strategy for DB Outdoors exhibits the power of effectively targeted social media campaigns. It's a brilliant example of how digital marketing can fulfill the growth aspirations of local businesses. DB Outdoors is now a step closer to their dream of dominating the concrete and landscape sector in North Alabama, all thanks to a well-crafted Facebook lead generation campaign.

For more information about how Strategic Visibility, LLC can boost your business, visit our website. Let us help you dominate your market.

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