How Successful Facebook Ads Help Businesses Grow

Successful social media marketing isn’t about being on every channel. It’s about engaging your best customers and sharing helpful, relevant, and valuable content with them but it can be challenging to decide which social media platform(s) to be on, especially when new ones are coming out all the time!

When it comes to social media advertising, the social network Facebook reigns supreme. That’s why running successful Facebook ads is vital to the success of any business. 

Whether you’re an enormous corporation or a little local biz, Facebook may be a powerful marketing tool – it’s an excellent space to stay customers informed, develop brand identity, and broaden your reach.

Why should your business advertise on Facebook?

Many reasons could make you consider an advertising strategy on Facebook. Facebook ads have a lot of benefits that you should be aware of:

Audience segmentation. Thanks to all Facebook’s data on users, it is very easy to segment the ad you want to create. No matter the target, you will find it on the social network and you will be able to target them exclusively.

  • Viralization. Even if you pay per click on each ad, users can save a ton of money by sharing the post among their contacts. That is, the reach of Facebook ads is not limited to payment, but has a greater impact depending on the behavior of your potential customers.
  • To interact. In addition to promoting your products and services, you can also launch interactive publications that transfer you to collect important data about your audience. For example, a giveaway for a subsequent campaign with leads.
  • Price. Advertising on Facebook is inexpensive. You will only pay for each click and/or conversion received.
  • Measurement. Almost everyone who spends money on advertising wants to understand how it is spent and measure its effectiveness. In Facebook advertising, it will be really easy thanks to its integrated and completely free statistics panel.

Facebook ads campaigns are generally the cheapest and most easily trackable online advertising platforms that marketers like you can utilize.

Facebook ads can be a great marketing channel for the right business. Work wonders for brand awareness campaigns, market research and re-marketing industries and also helps to boost your brand's engagement, grow your audience, and convert more Facebook users into customers.

The most important points to remember are to use eye-catching images, give users a low-friction conversion, and track everything. It also allows you to hyper-target specific audiences based on a range of specific demographics, psychographics and user-behaviour.

When setting up your Facebook Advertising plan, increasing the awareness of your brand is a top priority. The best way to do that is to create targeted Facebook Ad campaigns that target prospects at their various levels of brand awareness.

This is what many of today’s shoppers look for in a company; they don’t just want to hear about helpful products and services. They’d also like to see what core values your business operates on, what community nonprofits you support, and what your company culture is like.

When you share those things on your Facebook Business Page (in a professional and appropriate manner), those with similar values, passions, or mindsets will be more inclined to connect with you (or even become your customers).

Types of campaigns that can be done in Facebook Ads

Even if you are already clear about what Facebook Ads are and the advantages they have, you still have one important thing pending before launching into campaigns on this social network. They are the types of ads that exist on Facebook. It may seem like a really simple thing, but there are up to 14 types of promoted posts:

  • Promote your posts. It is about promoting the content of your website or fan page.
  • Promote your page. This Facebook Ad is aimed at publicizing your website.
  • Reach people who are close to your business. It is an ad focused on appearing to those users who are close to your store. It will be enough with an address to configure it and start receiving visits.
  • Improve brand recognition. In this case, it is a corporate advertisement that aims to reach the audience most likely to pay attention to you.
  • Attract people to your website. It offers the possibility to the advertiser to get more traffic on their website.
  • Increase the installations of your application. What is sought with this Facebook advertising is that users install a certain app.
  • Increase the number of attendees to your event. With this AD an event is promoted to increase the number of participants.
  • Increase video views. It is aimed at ads that integrate a video, to increase the number of views.
  • Generate leads for your business. This Facebook Ad model is aimed at attracting leads.
  • Increase conversions on your website. This Facebook advertising is intended to improve the conversion of certain marketing actions.
  • Increase interaction with your application. If you want more users to use your app and interact with it, this is your Facebook ad.
  • Get people to ask for your offer. This type of advertising on Facebook is aimed at promoting a certain offer among the public of the social network.
  • Promote a product catalog. If you have a catalog of products or services and you want to place them in a Facebook showcase, this is your best option.
  • Get people to visit your business. This Facebook Ad is launched to people who are close to your location to increase the physical visits you receive.

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