Run Facebook Ads for your business, with the help of Strategic Visibility - based here in Rome, GA

Professional Facebook Ad Services

Facebook Advertising should be an integral tool in any business's kit that's looking to acquire more customers easily and effectively. Through the use of quality & focused Facebook Marketing funnels, you should be able to predictably generate more engagement, traffic, leads, customers, and sales opportunities each and every month. Learn more about how Strategic Visibility uses Facebook Ads to grow our client's businesses below.

Why Are Facebook Ads So Important?

Let's face it - Facebook is THE dominant social media platform right now. The amount of data Facebook has on you, me, and everyone else on their site is staggeringly impressive, as well as scary. But, this is good for you as a business. It's because of this vast amount of user data that you can leverage it to grow and scale faster than you could ever possibly imagine.

If you've never considered running Facebook Advertising yourself before, let us break down a few eye-opening facts that may cause you to want to give it a try:

  • Facebook has more than 3 billion monthly active users
  • 78% of consumers have discovered brands and products on Facebook (you could be next)
  • There are over 200 million small businesses actively using Facebook for marketing
  • Facebook's advanced algorithm knows your ideal customer BETTER than you do
  • Facebook is the #1 platform to retarget users from other sites
  • Facebook Ads are more user-friendly than most other advertising platforms
  • As Facebook Ads learn, your cost-per-acquisition begins dropping over time
  • Running Facebook Ads causes increases in brand search (i.e. people searching on Google for your business)

Strategic Visibility's Facebook Ads Services

Strategic Visibility first started out as a sole Facebook Ads agency, offering lead gen services to local businesses. We have since evolved beyond just Facebook, but it will always be a staple in our company - because it works! As a business looking for new ways to bring in more clients, you should start with effective Social Media Marketing.

No matter who your customer is, or where they are, Facebook can definitely get you in front of them properly. This platform is scary accurate in it's tracking, it's data, and it's algorithmic behaviors. Rest assured if you need sales now, running a focused Facebook Advertising campaign is a smart move.

With Strategic Visibility partnering with you, be assured you will find success in bringing in quality leads and customers for a fraction of the cost it would run you to do it yourself. We've been researching, building, running, and optimizing successful Facebook Ad campaigns for more than 5 years - and the results just keep getting better each time!

Facebook Ad showcasing a lead generation campaign for a lawncare and landscaping company

*Example lead generation advertising campaign being run

for a landscaping company with Facebook Ads

Want More Customers Through Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a powerful tool - and there are many roads to marketing success out there - but if new marketing avenues and scalability is what you're after, let us work with you to build and launch a custom Facebook Marketing strategy that will see new growth shoot into your business in the fastest time possible.

Facebook Ads allow businesses to optimize for the goals that matter most to them. Want more likes & followers? We can help. How about leads to call and close? Let's set it up! Maybe you're after the direct sales on your e-commerce store. Not a problem for us, we've done plenty!

At the end of the day, you want revenue coming in. That's all that matters? Some campaigns need to be more fleshed out than others, while some can be straight to the point. No matter, as we take a completely custom approach to every client we work with. There is no "cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all" mentality with us, our purpose is to drive money into your business.