Facebook Lead Generation for Higher Bar Construction In West Valley City, UT

Posted By Josh Bradford on July 16, 2023

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Project Details

  • Project: Higher Bar Construction, Concrete Contractor
  • Location: West Valley City, Utah Just South of Salt Lake City
  • Problem: He wants to grow but isn’t getting anywhere with Angi and other shared-lead companies. He does not have the time to do his own marketing.
  • Project: Lead Generation
  • Type: FB Ad Campaign
  • Time To Complete: 3 Days to launch, still active 30 days later
  • Agency: Strategic Visibility, Rome, GA just north of Atlanta

Client Overview: Higher Bar Construction

Higher Bar Construction, a leading hardscape and concrete expert based in West Valley City, Utah, enlisted the services of Strategic Visibility to boost their business growth. With limited time and unsuccessful experiences with previous marketing agencies, they sought our expertise to generate qualified leads effectively

The Challenge: Time Constraints and Disappointing Results

Higher Bar Construction's owner acknowledged the importance of marketing but lacked the resources and expertise to manage it himself. Their previous encounters with marketing agencies failed to deliver the desired outcomes, leaving them eager for a successful solution.

Our Approach: Gathering Information and Building Facebook Ad Campaigns

Strategic Visibility conducted an in-depth assessment of Higher Bar Construction's goals, target audience, and unique value propositions. Armed with this knowledge, we crafted a tailored marketing strategy, focusing primarily on Facebook advertising.

Example photo of Facebook Ad creative we used to successfully generate over 51 quality concrete leads for our concrete contractor client in West Valley City, UT

The Solution: Launching a Highly Targeted Ads Campaign

Utilizing our digital marketing expertise, Strategic Visibility built an impactful Facebook ads campaign to reach Higher Bar Construction's ideal customers. We developed compelling ad copy, engaging visuals, and strategic ad placements to maximize visibility and engagement.

Results: 51 Qualified Leads and Growing Business

Within just two weeks of launching the campaign, Strategic Visibility delivered an exceptional outcome. We generated 51 qualified leads, surpassing the client's expectations and driving new quotes for Higher Bar Construction. The client expressed utmost satisfaction with the quality of leads and the campaign's effectiveness.

Facebook Ad Campaign results for our concrete contractor after their first 30 days

Continued Success: Sustained Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to our ongoing campaign optimization efforts and diligent monitoring, Higher Bar Construction experienced a consistent flow of leads. Their business growth skyrocketed, solidifying their position as a prominent player in the West Valley City market.

Google 5 Star Review left by our concrete contractor client after delivering him 51 leads in just 30 days

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