FRA Landscape & Concrete’s Lead Generation Success In Roy, UT By Strategic Visibility, LLC

Posted By Josh Bradford on August 9, 2023

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Strategic Visibility’s Triumph in Facebook Lead Generation for FRA Landscape & Concrete

Located in Roy, UT, FRA Landscape & Concrete has a solid reputation as landscape and concrete experts in their local market. Still, they faced challenges with growth and competitive differentiation.

Project Details

  • Project: FRA Landscape & Concrete Concrete Contractor
  • Location: Roy, UT 30 miles North of Salt Lake City
  • Problem to Solve: Francisco (owner) wants to grow his business. He has tried other shared-lead solutions, like HomeAdvisor. He doesn't have the time to do it himself. He simply wants more leads, so he can close more business and not worry about the other things.
  • Project: Lead Generation
  • Type: FB Ad Campaign
  • Time to Complete: 3 Days to launch, Constantly analyzing and fine-tuning
  • Agency: Strategic Visibility, Rome, GA just North of Atlanta

Partnering with Strategic Visibility

FRA Landscape & Concrete enlisted the services of Strategic Visibility, LLC, an expert marketing agency, to overcome their hurdles. With the business owner occupied with daily operations and a growing dissatisfaction with shared leads from other platforms, a tailored marketing strategy was crucial.

FRA began by leveraging a 2-week trial of Strategic Visibility's services first, then after seeing for themselves the opportunities that were coming in they quickly signed up for further services. 

The Game-Changing Solution

After a thorough information gathering process, Strategic Visibility initiated a tailored Facebook Ad strategy, honing in on FRA Landscape & Concrete's unique selling proposition and the demographics of their target market in Weber County.

Achieving Remarkable Results

The newly implemented strategy saw an influx of 215 qualified leads within the first 4.5 months, with the company closing between 20%-40% of these leads. This transformative result drastically improved their business growth, proving the efficacy of the Strategic Visibility’s solutions.

Facebook Ad Lead Generation results for FRA Landscape & Concrete - over 200 leads in 4 months

Client Satisfaction & Ongoing Success

FRA Landscape & Concrete's satisfaction with their new lead generation approach was unparalleled. With leads continuing to flow, the business owner could now focus on delivering quality services instead of navigating through shared leads and marketing hurdles.

Wrapping Up the Success Story

This case study stands as a testament to how Strategic Visibility's expertise in Facebook lead generation can drive business growth, even in specialized industries like landscape and concrete services. For businesses like FRA Landscape & Concrete, partnering with the right marketing agency can open doors to new growth opportunities.

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