How Much Should You Spend On Marketing?

A better question would be - how much do you want your marketing investment to return for you ($$$)?

It's going to be a give and take,

So it is KEY to nail down your goals first...

And also to set expectations realistically upfront.

At Strategic Visibility, we always go the route of "customers now",

This means we look to incorporate a strategy that is going to give you (the client) your quickest ROI.

Then we look into other secondary campaigns to help with things like Social Media engagement, Branding, Local SEO (long-term play), and so on.

If you're investing in any kind of Digital Marketing or Advertising Services,

Please make sure you are set up for the quickest success possible.

Your focus should be on nothing more unless your budget allows it.

Paid Ads (Google, Facebook/ Youtube), LinkedIn Optimization, Website Builds, and Landing Page design are all geared towards LEADS.

And leads will eventually turn into sales, which is revenue produced from your marketing efforts.

If you put $3000 into marketing, it should be giving you back $6000+ on a consistent interval.

This is the ONLY way you as a business need to be looking at an investment like this.

Anything else is a waste of your time, energy, focus, expectations, and of course, valuable capital.

We work to bring the best results in the quickest timeframe possible.

Let's talk today to see how we could work together!

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