Marketing Is An Investment

So many times in business we treat marketing and advertising as an unneeded expense.

Why is that?

After all, we likely try to sell our products and services to others when they can also be viewed as unnecessary or unneeded.

Why are so many people averse to INVESTING in marketing, with the potential to increase revenue generation?

What it comes down to is mindset and understanding core principles in business.

People like to be assured their money is well-spent,

But will not put up the money necessary to invest in their own business,

And would rather spend money on personal items because their value is more "easily and quickly" realized - just not in directly producing MORE money.

Marketing takes time... anyone telling you different is trying to get a quick sale.

No marketing out there is guaranteed to be successful outside of specific parameters.

Businesses who understand this - prosper greatly.

Those who do not understand and reject this notion - will be small forever.

Large companies do not become large by holding back.

Go in with expectations set, ride the wave that marketing usually takes you on, and see the benefits on the other side!

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