You've probably wondered what exactly Facebook Advertising is and how effect it can actually be. The answer is simple. THERE IS NO ONE ANSWER.

At it's core, advertising on Facebook is still just marketing, and no marketing strategy is guaranteed to be successful. However, the tools you have at your disposal on this social media platform drastically outnumber any you could have anywhere else. That's a FACT.

But how does one ensure they stand the best chances of success with Facebook Ads? How do you know what to DO and what NOT TO DO? I am glad you asked, because we're here to teach you how to create the perfect Facebook Ad!  

Tip #1:

Know Your Audience (Cold vs. Warm)

One of the first things you need to understand when going into marketing is the difference between a COLD audience and a WARM/HOT audience. Judging by their names you can probably make out what each mean. 

If a salesman came to your home and started talking about his latest product all of a sudden, without giving you a chance to speak or ask questions, it would be a turn-off, right? 'Who are you?' 'What company are you with?' Who else has tried this product, and did they like it?' 'What's it made of?' 'Is it safe?' These are legitimate questions and concerns you'd want to get cleared up before even thinking about purchasing this product. Understandably so!

In this situation, you would be a part of a cold audience. You don't know who this person is, what they do, if this product really works, if you really need it, and so on. It's the first time you're hearing about this. You are more than likely not going to buy at this point.

Now let's transition over to a warm audience. You know the brands McDonalds™, Sony™, and Apple™. You've most likely used or have some of their products. You know who they are, you know what they sell, and also have seen countless commericals and advertisements for them. For these brands, you would be a warm audience. You know them, trust them, and either like/don't like them for various reasons. 

Before starting any Facebook Ad Campaign, you must know who you are marketing to. A cold audience will generally be less receptive of what you have to say (at first), while a warm audience tends to convert much easier and for less money.

Tip #2:

Choose Campaign Objectives Wisely

When you finally begin the setup of your perfect or ideal Facebook Ad, you build what's called a Campaign. This helps you define the goals you want to achieve and also tells Facebook who to show your ad to. It's crucial you select wisely here, as the wrong objective could end up costing you more money and headache than you want. 

If you are advertising to a cold audience, we recommend starting with a "Traffic" or "Engagement" objective. This puts your ad in front of people who are new to your business, but are still likely to check you out, comment, share, or like your content anyway. 

As people engage with your ad, Facebook becomes wiser and starts showing it to more people like the ones who already encountered it. It's amazing! 

If you are showing ads to a warm audience, like when you start Retargeting, then a "Conversion" campaign is best, we believe. You'll want to run this when you want people to take a specific action such as filling out a form, becoming a lead, buying a product, downloading an app, etc.

We always like to start with Traffic campaigns in order to build valuable data, and then switch to Conversions when enough has been accumulated.

Tip #3:

Narrow Down Your Targeting

Most advertisers and business owners don't know just how deep you can get with Facebook's interest targeting. It really does take some solid know-how and unorthodox methods in order to find the best audiences. First, ask yourself what the "general" audience will be. If you're selling products, start with targeting people who are interested in things close to your product's category.

Example: Golf Clubs.

With this you could start with a very broad interest group such as the sport of "Golf". Then you could add in similar targeting like "PGA Tour", "Golf courses", and even "Golf balls". Now, the beauty of Facebook Interest targeting is that you don't have to stop here!

You can then "Narrow" your audience even further. This creates an "AND" logical statement for who you want to target. With this you can choose another few interests criteria that you also want your audience to meet. Luckily for this example there is an option for "Golf clubs" in the targeting.

So an example for audience targeting would be like this: Target people who like "Golf clubs" AND "PGA Tour" AND "Phil Mickelson" (because everyone knows Tiger, right?). Narrowing your audience will decrease it's size by a good bit, but the positive is that you have a more focused and specific audience who should be much more likely to take action with you!

Tip #4:

Use Human Psycology In Your Ads

At last we get to the main point of this post: the ad itself. Everything we spoke about leading up to this point is just as crucial as this right here, believe us. Now with your ad, this is where people make the most mistakes. This is what people will actually SEE in their newsfeed and what they can interact with directly.

For the ad, some major tips to keep in mind are as follows:

  1. 1
    Call Out Your Audience Directly/Make It About Them
  2. 2
    Convey Emotion
  3. 3
    Create Your Offer With Urgency/Scarcity
  4. 4
    Tell Them Exactly What To Do Next

A lot of what makes up good marketing is knowing how to talk to your audience. Get on their level, don't bring them to yours. Find the common ground, address their pains and concerns, offer them a solution that only YOU can provide, then show them exactly how to get it.

When it comes to the image or video, use the media that best demonstrates your solution to their problem. Your creative needs to act as a pattern interupt. Bold words, eye-catching photos, emojis (but don't over-do it), viral videos, catchy headlines, or even a cool slideshow can all be great ways of grabbing your audience's attention! 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, creating the "Perfect Facebook Ad" all boils down to one core principle, and that is developing a strong connection with who you want to reach. People want to feel like someone is talking directly TO them, not AT them. They want to be told what to do in order to move forward and they want to be enveloped. That's what separates the successful advertisers from the not-so-successful ones. 

As you read this article, ask yourself: Am I leaving money on the table right now? Is this something I need to implement into my own business?

Only you know the answer to that, but just know that businesses far and wide are seeing major returns when they start using Facebook as a means of online marketing. It's so powerful!

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