The Power of Google Ads In 2022

Are Google Ads right for my business?

Before we give the answer, ask yourself a couple of questions.

1. Is my product/service a NEED or a WANT?

2. Do people know my business or service or product exists in the marketplace already?

3. Do I want higher-intent and better-qualified leads, even if it comes with a slightly higher price?

Remember, Google is a search network.

People go here to find answers and solutions.

That alone makes the traffic you're getting from Google Ads that much better. There's intent and desire.

Now, Google Ads are more expensive - because you're bidding against other marketers and businesses.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in this platform.

The BEST lead quality and customer acquisition rates can come from your efforts on Google Ads if done correctly.

Advertising on Google helps in securing valuable market share so that your competition isn't just soaking all the leads and customers up alone.

At Strategic Visibility, Google Ads is one of our specialties.

Implementing a strong business presence on Google can help in many ways:

- Local authority
- Improved lead quality
- Highly-motivated leads
- Better response/contact rates
- Infinitely scalable
- Longer customer LTV

If expanding your marketing into Google Ads is something you're considering, we would love to talk.

Campaigns we manage can be up and running in under 72 hours!

Let's get your business generating its OWN leads and traffic today.

Schedule a call with us!

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