As marketers, we all eventually encounter many of the same challenges.

Whether you’re working on an email campaign and are trying to determine the best frequency and send times, or are writing new content and optimizing it for search engines, you’ll run into something that makes you wonder “am I doing this right?”

Despite your best efforts to read blogs, books, and marketing news to stay on top of the latest trends, things are still constantly changing. It’s a lot to keep up with. How can one person keep up with so many things? Have you ever found yourself finding inspiration on social media as Facebook Groups?

The solution is joining an online marketing community.

Whether you’re on a marketing team or are flying solo on your marketing journey, it can be comforting to know you’re not alone.

Through a community, you can get answers to those burning questions from a trusted group of people who’ve been through it before. The hive mind of an online community takes some of the pressure off of you so you’re not in it alone.

After all, why should we each reinvent the wheel every time we want to try a new marketing tactic?

Plus, when we do try something risky and it doesn’t go as planned...who can we turn to? Your community is there for you - and I guarantee the members have similar stories to share.

Thankfully there are a number of online communities specifically for marketers.

In these communities, you’ll see people asking the same questions you’ve wondered about before. A helpful marketing community will answer those questions and provide you with feedback - all without judgment.

Many of these online communities exist as Facebook groups.

The only challenge is there are a ton of them out there. With so many to choose from (there are literally millions of Facebook groups), how can you decide which ones to join?

I’ll leave you here my top 3 Facebook Groups to join:

1. The Daily Carnage

Total Members: 3,120

Who Runs It: Carney

When It Started: August 29, 2017

Join The Daily Carnage

The About Section: “Bringing you the freshest news, tools, tips, and tactics in the marketing world. Get ready to break free from the monotony.”

What I Like About It: The Daily Carnage group started from Carney’s newsletter, called The Daily Carnage. The group began as a place to continue discussions on topics from the newsletter and has since evolved into a vibrant group of marketers asking and answering questions, sharing ideas, and genuinely having fun.

2. Word Workers

Total Members: 2,970

Who Runs It: Copy Hackers

When It Started: October 15, 2016

Join Word Workers

The About Section: “The only Facebook community for anyone and everyone that writes as a major part of their work.”

What I Like About It: There is a ton of engagement in Word Workers. I’ll admit, I do not spend enough time in here. Since working on this article I’ve realized I’m missing out by not checking out this group more often. Plus, the amazing Joanna Wiebe (The original “conversion copywriter” and creator of Copy Hackers) is seen around the group from time to time. From tools people use to tips and tricks - there is so much value in the discussions in here. Definitely check it out if you’re a writer or write for some part of your job.

3. Social Media Managers Group

Total Members: 30,895

Who Runs It: Social Media Pro

When It Started: October 6, 2010

Join Social Media Managers

The About Section: Facebook's oldest and most active free group of SOCIAL MEDIA PROFESSIONALS.  All skill levels are welcome. All questions answered.

What I Like About It: With over 30,000 members it’s no surprise Social Media Managers gets a ton of engagement. Drop a question in here and you will get a wide variety of perspectives and answers. I am amazed that a group of this size doesn’t have more spam, but the admins do a fantastic job of keeping the group free of nonsense and filled with value.
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