I always read a lot of articles on the web about social media. But I’m sometimes left frustrated because many of them are devoid of real value - there’s not enough actionable insights that haven’t already been discussed a ton of times by what seems like almost every social media blogger out there.

So I decided to curate the best of Facebook advertising blog posts I’ve come across. In no particular order, I hope you like them.

1. Silly No-Brainer Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail

The “silly no-brainer reasons” are far from silly and no-brainer in my opinion but are actually easily overlooked mistakes that sometimes even experienced Facebook marketers make.  You’ll read about slow campaign take-off, ad fatigue, and concluding A/B tests too early.

2. 6 Unique Ways to Target Your Facebook Ads

Facebook has robust targeting options that go way beyond basic demographic information, job title, and interests. In this article you’ll get some ideas on effective ways to target that you may have not thought of (or realized were possible), such as targeting people similar to those who’ve already converted on your ad, those on their phone within a close radius of your business, and much more.

3.  The Five Essentials of a Killer Facebook Video Campaign

Video has proven to be a powerful tool in capturing the attention of audiences and getting them to take action. Facebook should be a key element of your video promotion plan and this article shares important advice to keep in mind for your next video campaign. You’ll learn about everything from metrics to monitor to the role of mobile to retargeting to testing and optimization.

4. How to Write Better Headlines for Your Facebook Ads

I can’t stress enough the importance of headlines in effective copywriting. This article explores successful headlines in-depth, gives tips and examples, and outlines five great formulas that you can try out to see which work best with your audience. Even if you think you have a winning headline, you can probably make some tweaks that will make it even more effective. I like this article because it provides a number of different, really good ideas that you can experiment with right away.

5. 16 (9 + 7) Secrets the Pros Use to Create Great Facebook Ad Designs

This article is filled with proven copywriting and design tips to get your audience to take action. Some of my favorites include using location-specific imagery, incorporating social proof, creating buyer personas, and striking that perfect balance between rational and emotional copy.

My hope is that this list will save you time researching and sorting through the mass of Facebook advertising articles on the web. Running Facebook campaigns are not always easy but with the right knowledge you can put together very successful campaigns with a relatively small budget.

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