With the advancement of technology and the arrival of new ways of advertising for businesses, the Traffic Manager profile emerged and its growth in the online world has been a career in the best Forrest Gump style.

It has reached such a point that now a Traffic Manager is essential in companies that operate on the internet.

The reason is clear, in 2020 the number of Internet users grew by 7% and reached 4.540 million users worldwide and its importance continues to grow, as it helps many digital projects and businesses to make their proposition value visible.

Now the real question is: What is a Traffic Manager?

Is a professional who is responsible for buying traffic online to transform it into conversions.

To do this, it designs and applies advertising campaigns on the internet in order to increase visibility and achieve the objectives of a business or brand.

Some experts have been referred to by other less frequent terms such as Trafficker Specialist or Digital Trafficker.

What does a Traffic Manager do?

The work of a Trafficker is not only focused on traffic and online advertising but it goes further.

The functions of a digital trafficker or traffic manager are the planning of the advertising strategy, the creation of the necessary campaigns to implement the strategy, the measurement and optimization of the results obtained.

But how do you do all this? Let's see it…

1. Analyze your business model and your current strategy:

The first thing a trafficker needs to know to develop an effective strategy is the business.

Because if you do not know the target audience and do not know what the company does, I am sure that the strategy will fail. Therefore, it is important that the first thing you do is analyze the sector and what has been done so far on the internet and it has not worked.

This path may be easier thanks to the delivery of the project briefing or to a strategic session. Only by putting yourself in the shoes of the ideal customer will you be able to decide which strategy is the right one.

Another significant action at this point is the study of the competition and the strategies it implements, especially in the advertising area.

Is it a long and detailed job? Yes, but trust me it's worth every minute of the effort. The goal is to find the most profitable advertising campaigns.

2. Audit your advertising account

The ideal is that before starting a new online project, the general rule that details the data and results obtained so far is met because if you've already done something and it hasn't worked, it's important for the trafficker to know about it.

The reason is simple, no doctor would perform a surgical intervention without knowing all the relevant aspects of the patient, right?

The objective of the advertising audit is the same. It will investigate what works and what does not, possible errors and the causes that led to not consolidating the designed goals.

Here the campaigns, segmentations, images and videos used, texts that have been used, conversions of the sales pages and the funnel would be analyzed.

3. Plan the new advertising strategy

We reached a key point. The Digital Trafficker already knows everything necessary about the company and its potential clients and now it is time to develop a strategic plan that goes hand in hand with the objectives of the brand or business.

But for this, in the already mentioned point 1 and 2 you will have had to decide the following:

  • Target audience for the campaign.
  •  How to connect with him effectively.
  •  Platforms where advertising will be displayed.
  •  How to attract people and convince them that the company's product (or service) is THE product (or service).

I believe that here, the Digital Trafficker must draw all his arsenal of creativity, skill and talent for the tactics to be effective. It will be up to you to decide relevant aspects. Like, for example, choosing between Google Ads or Instagram Ads to sell.

4. Create the advertising campaigns:

This is the favorite stage of a Digital Trafficker. This is where the strategies planned over weeks of work enter the field.

Let me tell you that creating an advertising campaign is trial and error or what is the same in marketer: applying A / B Test.

The goal? obtain the ideal concept of what is wanted and convenient as the tactics are already defined, it is time to take care of their development. This depends on the functions of the platform selected to run the SEM or PPC advertising campaign and as I mentioned before, a strategy in Google Ads is not the same as in Instagram Ads.

Each channel is a world.

It can be done both in a mixed way? Of course you can but it will depend on the objectives set.

In addition, in the design of the advertising campaign it also requires the Trafficker Digital to define the segmentation of the public, as well as the design of the image and the persuasive texts to captivate potential customers.

5. Analyze and optimize campaigns

Among the various functions of Trafficker Digital is the study and optimization of advertisements and the good thing about the internet is that we can analyze and measure everything.

So imagine the interesting data that is obtained when applying analytical skills.

The KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) that you have to take a close look at could be impressions, reach, CMP, clicks, views, completed forms, purchases, ROAS, visits …But be careful, it will depend on the objective of the campaigns and types of ads.

And continuing with the medical metaphors, the specialist will only make changes or adjustments in the doses after knowing the evolution of the patient.

The same goes for the Digital Trafficker. Therefore, it is essential that you have solid knowledge on how to take advantage of it to obtain valid conclusions that guide you in making decisions.

So here we come with campaign optimization: It is about analyzing what is working and what is not to improve it.

Some of the decisions that are applied in optimization are:

  • Increase the budget.
  • Increase the level of creativity both in image and copy.
  • Adjust audience segmentation.
  • Expand locations.
  • Among others.

As a point of reflection in this section of the post, it is advisable not to forget what you want to achieve with the campaign (branding, registrations, sales, reproductions ...) and who it is aimed at (cold, warm or hot traffic?)

6. Preparation of reports

Once the above is ready, the Digital Trafficker must teach the client what has happened with their investment and what better than with a report.

The document will clearly and simply reflect all the conclusions of the advertising campaign. But be careful, the idea is that the client understands what the CTR or other metrics are, so it must be close to their language.

Another important aspect that must appear in the report is the value of each lead and the amount of money obtained.

Do you think that the figure of a digital trafficker is essential for any company in the XXI century?

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