Due to the importance and need that companies currently have to have a Digital Trafficker, their hiring is not an issue to be taken lightly.

What I suggest is to first inquire into their knowledge and training, before taking the plunge. And above all, in its experience with previous projects.

For this reason, I have prepared a list that will serve as a guide for choosing the right professional:

  • Although it is a subjective aspect, they must convey confidence and professionalism.
  • They must also be a strategist and creative, with the ability to work in a team and under pressure, meet established goals.
  • Must know the market, niche, and business model.
  • With experience doing advertising and sales funnels.
  • Find out about the testimonials or comments of their other clients. This is a fundamental aspect.
  • Analyze if they are very involved in their sector, or yet if it barely exists on the internet. A very good way is to see if their website is working and if they have social networks (and take care of them) and if they are mentioned on the internet.

If you noticed, I have not named anything about the results but a real digital Trafficker will never promise to give you a guarantee. And if so, doubt.

When you depend on algorithms and many other factors such as the product itself or the price, nothing can be guaranteed.

Of course, it is important that they guarantee you a good job and that they have experience.

On the other hand, do not trust every inexpensive and tempting proposal, they tend to turn out to be possible failures because they are inexperienced people.

Training, knowledge, and skills of a Digital Trafficker

What knowledge should a Digital Trafficker have?

To answer these questions, the Trafficker must choose a branch in which to start his professional path. As I explained to you in this previous article, there are several specialties.

My advice is that if you want to become a Digital Trafficker or you are looking for one and you are starting in this world, focus only on one area. There will be time to explore more terrain.

The truth is that to dedicate yourself to Traffic Management you have to meet a series of requirements.

- Social Networks and Advertising

The figure of a Digital Trafficker must know the Ads platforms perfectly, as well as to know how to handle social networks.

In terms of platforms, I mean Facebook and Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads.

In addition, you must know the formats that each one has, types of ads, types of objectives and know how to implement each campaign based on the strategy behind it.

- Sales Funnels

You must be up to date on what a sales funnel is and how to create the funnel. Only then can you manage your campaigns well and know where to direct them.

This field is not something simple, since we get into the field of knowing the strategies of digital marketing, email marketing, automation and a lot of analytics.

This is why you must monitor this area.

- Copywriting

A Digital Trafficker can work with a copywriter or write persuasive texts on their own, but whatever it is, they must know the techniques that exist and do well in writing.

Creativity and copywriting skills are extremely important.

All this that I am telling you is not easy, hence my advice is that you have a team that has a person specialized in each area.

- Web and Ads Analytics

This person must know how to analyze the campaigns, but also they need to know how to generate more traffic on the website.

Therefore, the person must be very methodical and measure, collect data and optimize what is necessary so that everything works as it should.

Conclusion: Do I need a Digital Trafficker in my company?

If the need to have a digital trafficker in your business has not yet been clear to you, I will answer you.

It depends.

As I have told you before, everything will depend on your product or service.

And there is a phrase that Bill Gates said that I love: "There will be two types of businesses in the 21st century: Those that are on the Internet and those that no longer exist."

If you have an online business, advertising is a channel that must be promoted yes or yes, because your competition is doing it, because you must reinvest and because it is cheaper than other mass media in addition to reaching your customers directly.

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