When Are Google Ads Better Than Facebook Ads (For Your Business)?

Advertising on Google allows a recognizable service or problem to be searched online.

When people make these searches, a well-optimized Google Ad has the ability to display for users during these search results - at the very top of the page.

As a result, YOUR business is there to offer the solution to what they are looking for.

When keywords, ad copy, ad position, and landing page align - the likelihood of a user converting (buying, becoming a lead, registering, etc.) increases drastically!

The reason this is more desirable to any business is that you are now pulling people TO you passively... instead of going out and finding people actively.

Interest, intent, motivation, desire, and the chance of taking action (all positives for a marketing campaign) are much higher here.

With Google Ads being the driving force of your business's ability to generate new revenue,

You can count on higher quality leads and customers.

This is obviously paired with a slightly higher cost to acquire these results... but ask any serious business and they will GLADLY welcome the inconvenience.

As a marketing agency though, Strategic Visibility's goal is to drive those costs down as much as possible,

So that your company can realize higher-quality leads, more closed sales, higher revenue, and better profit margins from your marketing dollars.

Let's have a chat and see if Google makes sense for your business today!

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