Willingboro NJ Hardscape Business Growth Through Facebook Lead Generation

Posted By Josh Bradford on August 11, 2023

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Transforming a Hardscaping Business: A Success Story from Willingboro, NJ

In the charming enclave of Willingboro, Burlington County, a remarkable transformation was underway. Beautified Design & Build, a prominent local hardscaping contractor, was facing a daunting challenge: sluggish business growth and a scarcity of leads. However, with the strategic prowess of Rome, GA's own Strategic Visibility, renowned for its expertise in driving concrete results, the narrative was about to change.

Project Details

  • Project: Beautified Design & Build, Hardscaping Contractor
  • Location: Willingboro, NJ - Located In Burlington County
  • Problem: Business was slow and leads were scarce. Company was not getting many referrals and too much competition locally to make headway. Wanted to hand marketing off to an experienced team with results established in the industry already.
  • Project: Lead Generation
  • Type: Facebook Paid Ads
  • Time to Complete: 3 Days to launch, Constantly Analyzing, Testing & Optimizing For Better Results
  • Agency: Strategic Visibility, Rome, GA just North of Atlanta

The Challenge: A Fading Landscape and Diminishing Leads

In the picturesque town of Willingboro, competition among hardscaping businesses was fierce, leaving Beautified Design & Build struggling to gain traction. As leads grew scarce, the company found itself trapped in a relentless cycle of failed marketing attempts. Determined to rejuvenate their presence, they sought the expertise of Strategic Visibility, an agency with a proven track record of navigating industry challenges.

A Collaborative Approach to Transformation

Strategic Visibility understood the unique dynamics at play in the hardscaping industry and the particular needs of Beautified Design & Build. Through thorough consultation, the agency developed a tailored strategy that harnessed the digital realm to realize the client's aspirations.

Example projects that our client Beautified Design & Build have completed, which we used as inspiration for our Facebook Ad Lead Generation Campaign creative

Crafting Success with Facebook Ad Lead Generation

The solution lay in harnessing the power of targeted Facebook Ad Lead Generation. Drawing on their expertise, Strategic Visibility meticulously curated every facet of the campaign. From captivating ad copy to visually engaging imagery, the campaign was primed to capture the right audience's attention, generating high-intent hardscaping leads.

Results that Resonate: Unveiling the Impact

The effects of the campaign were nothing short of astounding. With each passing day, Beautified Design & Build witnessed an upsurge in leads displaying genuine interest. In a mere fortnight, Strategic Visibility delivered an impressive 49 high-intent leads, each a potential avenue to success. But the tale of triumph did not conclude there – the company's newfound momentum translated into tangible revenue. With 10 projects secured, Beautified Design & Build amassed an impressive $60,000 in revenue.

Facebook Ad results for our hardscaping contractor in Willingboro NL - 49 leads generated in just 14 days

A Happy Client, A Promising Horizon

The partnership between Beautified Design & Build and Strategic Visibility breathed new life into the hardscaping enterprise. Frustration from previous marketing endeavors was replaced with gratification. The agency's intervention granted the founder the gift of time – time to focus on core competencies while marketing was entrusted to seasoned experts.

Continuing the Journey: Navigating Towards Tomorrow

As the partnership thrives, leads continue to flow in abundance. Beautified Design & Build's success narrative is characterized by this ongoing surge in high-intent outdoor living design marketing leads. Equipped with a renewed sense of purpose and a roadmap to prosperity, the company is poised for perpetual growth, poised to reshape Willingboro's hardscaping landscape.

A Success Story Crafted Through Expertise

In the heart of Willingboro, a story unfolds – a tale of collaboration, innovation, and achievement. Strategic Visibility's touch has propelled a struggling hardscaping contractor into a flourishing enterprise. The narrative speaks of the potential when the right strategy and a proficient team converge, enabling any business to surmount adversity and embrace triumph.

Revenue results for our hardscaping and landscaping client in Willingboro NJ

A Glimpse into the Future: Bright and Promising

The transformation of Beautified Design & Build is an inspiring testament to the potency of collaboration. From stagnation to expansion, the journey was navigated with precision. Through an unrelenting influx of leads, revenue surge, and heightened market presence, the future for Beautified Design & Build is anything but bleak. Armed with a robust partnership and a commitment to excellence, the company is set to redefine the hardscaping landscape in Willingboro, and beyond.

About Strategic Visibility LLC

Strategic Visibility has been offering business growth solutions locally and nationally since 2017.

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