3 Strategies To Increase Lead Quality

Our top 3 strategies for increasing lead quality in your business:

1.) Implement some healthy friction in your marketing

Healthy meaning to add in things like additional questions, upfront disqualifiers, phone/email verification systems, watching a video beforehand, a multi-step funnel, etc.

All of these things bring the user to the realization that "I'll go through all of this because I want what this business is offering" or else "This is too hard, I'm not interested after all..."

Note: Use 1 strategy at a time. You don't want leads to disqualify themselves!

2.) Have a dedicated team member follow up with leads by phone

Having a phone call with leads is a great way to improve quality by having the opportunity to establish a relationship upfront.

It's also great to have this in place because the team member can ask additional questions or gather more details to further qualify leads.

3.) Retargeting

An often overlooked strategy, retargeting lets you continue to market and show content to users even after they've interacted with your business.

This is powerful because it continues to build your authority, provide value, and answer questions the user might still have.

Ultimately, everything points back to the goal you set out in the first place which should be a sale, a purchase, or a deal closed.

Adding just 1 of these methods to your marketing strategy could provide massive ROI potential as you build and grow.

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Ready to Implement These Ideas In Your Own Business? 

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