Google ad services to produce higher quality leads online. Provide by Strategic Visibility LLC

Professional Google Ad Services In Rome, GA

Google Advertising offers a huge opportunity to grow your business, through the use of intent-based marketing efforts on the world's largest search platform. When you decide to place your business on the Google Ad network, you are essentially creating a magnet that will draw in people looking for the services or products you offer. Besides, when a user has desire, intent, motivation, and need all packed into one - you want to make sure you get in front of them ASAP!

Why Are Google Ads So Important?

The Google Search Network has long been the #1 platform for business market share. Any company who wants to be where their customers are needs to utilize this platform right away. Compared to Bing's 8.88% share in the market, Google boasts almost a solid 84% - meaning that it's the top spot to be in if bringing in new customers is your goal.

Here are a few other stats that will prove just how lucrative running Google PPC Marketing can be for your business:

  • PPC Marketing generates 2x the visitors that SEO does
  • Google is where 98% of people go when researching a product
  • Google Ads deliver, on average, an 8:1 ROI
  • Consumers are more likely to click on local ads that match their location
  • More than 65% of small-to-midsized business are running a PPC Marketing campaign
  • People are 4x more likely to click a Google ad than any other network
  • Mobile clicks on ads account for 95% of Google's total clicks
  • Over 1.2 million businesses trust and use Google Ads for their PPC Marketing campaigns

Strategic Visibility's Google Ads Services

Strategic Visibility offers professional PPC Marketing services to businesses all over the US. Companies who work with us see more market share, more quality leads, and more growth.

With proper Google Ads and PPC Marketing in place, you'll spend more time on good leads and less time on bad ones. Strategic Visibility works in a range of verticals such as Real EstateMortgage, Financing, Home Services, Fitness, E-commerce, and more.

Along with Paid Ads, we specialize in building high-converting landing pages as well. This ensures that your traffic ends up at a destination designed to convert them - not confuse them. This saves time and money - making your Google Advertising campaigns more efficient.

Real Estate Buyer Leads Campaign Running On Google Ads

Lead Costs: ~$9 - $12

Generated Over 400 Quality RE Buyer Leads In ~ 5 Months

Google Ads real estate seller campaign that got 37 leads for just under $42 each

Real Estate Seller Leads Campaign Running On Google Ads

Lead Costs: ~$42

Generated 37 Quality RE Seller Leads In ~30 Days

Google Ads private financing lead generation campaign that produced over 1000 qualified bilingual mortgage leads in under 6 months

Private Financing Mortgage Leads Campaign On Google Ads
Lead Costs: ~$22
Generated 1000+ Quality Private Financing Leads In ~6 Months

Want More Customers Through Google PPC Marketing?

There is no doubt that as a business looking to grow you MUST be using Google Advertising and Google PPC Marketing to a certain extent. No company in the world who wanted to grow substantially overlooked Google Ads - not a one. There's a reason Google makes more than $150 billion each year from their ad platform alone...

Establishing yourself on the world's largest search network prepares you for further growth, and enables people to find you quickly and easily. Let us help you do that today! 

If your market happens to fall into one we have previously worked with, we may can even offer a results guarantee with our service - meaning you CANNOT fail by partnering with us. We will work restlessly to ensure every dollar spent is put to good use, your team is excited to work our leads, and your business can take the next step into growth with excitement.

So, are we ready to work together and get Google Ads setup for your company?