5-MARKS™ Real Estate & Mortgage Marketing System and Mortgage Marketing System

Real Estate & Mortgage Marketing Done Right

Marketing for real estate agents and mortgage loan officers has always been tricky. Most agencies do not go the full lengths with their clients to ensure the solutions they provide actually deliver results. Strategic Visibility has been in the trenches with realtors and mortgage brokers for years now, and we have seen this plague prospects over and over again. So, how does a proper Real Estate & Mortgage marketing system need to be built out? This is exactly what our 5-MARKS™ system covers.

What Is 5-POINTS™?

5-POINTS™ is a marketing and business growth system, specifically designed for use by Real Estate agents, Mortgage Loan Officers, and even Financial Advisors in some cases. It combines everything that these professionals need into a complete marketing solution, so they can be consistent with their real estate lead generation, appointment-setting, and closing opportunities. Because at the end of the day, delivering leads by themselves is not enough - anyone can do that. Realtors and Mortgage Brokers need a complete system that takes real-time, exclusive leads and walks them through a nurturing process so they become ready to do business on the other side.

How Does 5-POINTS™ Work?

Our full 5-POINTS marketing system provides quality lead generation, appointments, and conversations for both real estate and mortgage professionals.

Point 1: Targeted Traffic Campaigns

To begin with, you must have quality, interested people coming into your marketing systems - otherwise you will be spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. The first step in our 5-POINTS system is to establish proven, high-converting ad campaigns either on Facebook or Google, that bring in that exact type of quality traffic. This is the gasoline that fuels the 5-POINTS fire.

Because we use platforms like Facebook and Google, we have granular control over the exact targeting and intent of the people coming into our systems. Optimizing these camapigns ensures we are always moving forward in the right direction.

Targeted Traffic Systems are what powers the front-end of our 5-POINTS marketing system for real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and even financial advisors.

Point 2: Pre-Qualification Funnels

Pre-qualification is a huge component of our Real Estate Marketing systems - because it's crucial. If proper qualifying of traffic and leads is not met, chaos can ensue quickly. This also is what leads to .01% conversion rates on real estate lead generation systems. We just don't want that, and neither do you.

If you are a realtor or mortgage broker that needs new deals, successfully qualifying leads upfront will make your life much easier. Good mortgage marketing and real estate marketing systems should be designed to take care of that for you.

5-POINTS accomplishes this through carefully-crafted 2-page websites, called funnels. These 2-page websites allow us to educate, motivate, and build desire with users so that they end up becoming good leads.

Using quizzes, surveys, videos, and advertorials, we can make sure our traffic is pre-qualified before moving on to speak with you. This step helps you, the realtor or loan officer, deal with more diamonds and less garbage.

Pre-Qualification Funnels is the next process in our 5-POINTS marketing solution for real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and even financial advisors.

Point 3: Minimum Requirements

In addition to Point 2, we also integrate another important strategy into our 5-POINTS Real Estate & Mortgage Marketing system. This is the breath of fresh air that is LEAD REQUIREMENTS. 

Minimum requirements are quite literally provided by you, the realtor or mortgage loan officer, to us. It'sa checklist our team works from so you don't get leads coming to you who you cannot help right now. This can be credit, income, urgency, home value, employment, or even tax info.

So, we make sure to provide 2 separate instances to check these requirements. The first being through the 2-page website, and the second taking place from our internal team. They will confirm specific criteria that you set in place, and only then will they book an appointment on your calendar. Awesome, right?

Having minimum requirements in place through 5-MARKS is what helps leads turn into closings for our real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and financial advisors

Point 4: Booked Appointments

Most of the time lead generation is not enough to get the ball moving. Realtors need appointments with interested buyers, and Mortgage Loan Officers want to actually talk with people who are qualified. Quality over quantity is our goal. In addtion to generating leads, pre-qualifying them, and checking minimum requirements we also invite users to book a call right on the agent's calendar. 

This takes things a step further and causes a mid-level commitment to take place between buyer and agent. Buyers will now have a sense of obligation to speak with you, because they are further invested than if all they did was fill out some form. Our internal appointment setter team will make sure all notes and criteria you ask for is made available before your call. Now it's time to have those high-qualiy conversations.

Booked appointments help real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and financial advisors turn more leads into closings over time, making 5-POINTS even more effective at building their business.

Point 5: High-Quality Conversations

High-quality conversations with pre-qualified buyers is what our 5-POINTS system brings you. 

No cold calling, no referral meetings, no posting on socials, no bugging your friends and family, none of that. We generate the quality traffic, pre-qualify the leads, ensure they have the requirements you need, book them as appointments on your calendar, and send them to you for further conversation.

All of this is happening constantly, on auto-pilot, while you continue your day-to-day. Leave the headaches and frustration to the realtors or loan officers who have yet to discover the power of 5-POINTS!

Having conversations on the backend of our 5-POINTS marketing system allows Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Financial Advisors more freedome to build their business through highly motivated interactions. More closings!

What Results Does 5-POINTS™ Offer Me?

Strategic Visibility has worked with countless realtors, loan officers, insurance agents, investors, and private financing companies. When they implemented 5-POINTS they saw the power a simple system like this could provide their business. It's complete, proven, tested, and all-encompasing. There is no cut corners, low-quality implementation, or shortage of results.

We can easily generate upwards of 50-100 leads for you each month, and book between 25-35% on [pre-qualified] appointments. At the end of your first 90 days, you should have 5-10 applications and hot buyers ready to close - and the longer you let the 5-POINTS system run the quicker those numbers go up!