One of the age-old questions in digital marketing goes like this: "Do I need to run my traffic to a dedicated landing page, or to my website?" And if you ask 100 marketers this question, most will probably tell you "landing page". But, when would it be MORE optimal to send traffic to your website instead? In this article, we'll break down the statistical pro's and con's of each.

Why Is This Even A Debate?

No one wants to be wrong in a conversation. So what usually happens is we come up with scenarios that best support our claim. Do all scenarios matter? No. But work with enough people and your scenario will fit perfectly with someone out there. This is the case with the whole 'Landing Page vs. Website' debate.

There are many instances in your business journey where you need fast results (i.e. leads, sales, appointments, etc.). Then there will be times when longer-term goals need to be met (i.e. branding, authority, information exchange, etc.). It's probably not too hard to guess which of these pertains to landing pages, and which goes along with websites, right?

Simply put, your circumstance matters a lot when deciding on this matter. "Many ways to skin a cat" as they say. But there will ALWAYS be an optimal path to take in any one scenario.

Why Choose A Website?

Websites are powerful tools for a business to use, in order to secure more customers. They provide a ton of information, build trust with users, and they answer burning questions. If these are the goals you have for the traffic you are bringing in - a website will be the best option, hands-down.

Nothing else on the internet can tell your story better than a well-designed website. Going into your marketing efforts with long-term play in mind, or even brand-building, will call for a strong website experience.

Websites offer great insights into a business, how they operate, who they serve, and what they specialize in. Optimizing your website first will see an increase in Website Conversion Rates for sure.

Tip: Keep Your Website Focused

Even though websites are sometimes the easiest destination to send traffic to, that doesn't mean you shouldn't optimize it first. Start by having your website focus on one main idea only. Is it a problem you solve? Is it a certain type of customer you help? Maybe there's a unique aspect of your business you want to really drive home to potential customers?

Implementing a strong message on your website first will increase your Website Conversion Rates.

Why Choose A Landing Page?

Landing pages are simple, one-page websites that ask the user to do one thing only. You want to go with landing pages if your business is wanting fast conversions. Most paid traffic marketers will swear up and down that landing pages are the only right answer here. They are short, they are powerful, they are direct, and they are distraction-free.

Landing pages provide higher Website Conversion Rates than typical website implementations - because they are focused, distraction fee, and provide ease of use.

Using Landing Pages with your marketing accomplishes 3 things:

  • Removes distractions and simplifies the user journey
  • Provides an easier flow for your message and sales materials
  • Converts users into leads, sales, appointments, sign-ups, and customers much easier

Tip: Break Up Your Landing Pages

If you're running paid ads to cold traffic, it may be a good idea to develop several landing pages at once. This way your campaigns can be more honed in on one type of offer, service, or product - instead of mixing everything together. Plus, it allows for better data analysis at the end of the day.

Just like with websites, focusing on a single message helps greatly with Website Conversion Rates.

Need Help With Your Digital Marketing?

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