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Professional Website Design Services In Rome, GA

Simply having a website for your business means almost nothing nowadays. Really. If you truly want your website, that you paid so much money and spent so much time on, to be of benefit to your business it must be designed and built for that purpose from the start. After all, with so many websites out there on the marketplace, all vying for the same traffic you are, you must have qualities that make you stand out amongst the chaos. That's where we can help.

Why Is Professional Website Design Important?

Quick note: when we use the terms "Professional Website Design", we are simply talking about the fact that your website is constructed as a business-generating asset with all the proper elements, functionality, and integrations it needs to perform at it's best when being served to cold traffic. We are in the 21st century after all and website design has come a long way. Ensure your site doesn't look like it was pulled into the world from the mid-90s - because it simply won't cut it these days.

So, what does quality, professional website design actually take into account? What truly matters at the end of the day? Let's go over a few:

  • Business websites are NOT meant to be online brochures
  • A website needs to stand out, be easy to navigate, and super simple to convert on
  • Your website will often times be the 1st place a user comes across your brand
  • The design of your website is what most people will focus on - giving your first impression right away
  • It takes roughly .02 seconds for a user to make an opinion on your website - good or bad
  • Most people redesign/rebuild their website due to poor conversion rates
  • You must have a CTA - 70% of small businesses don't have this 1 crucial element anywhere on the site...
  • Ensure your website is mobile optimized, because 54.8% of website traffic comes from phones & tablets

Strategic Visibility's Website Design Services

As marketers at heart, Strategic Visibility's sole purpose is to help businesses increase their sales opportunities WHEREVER they may be. This can be through paid ads, social media marketing, business messaging, and yes, even websites! Because a fresh website is one of the first assets a new business invests in, it's imperative you take the proper measures to ensure it's actually making you money, and not becoming a sinkhole where business goes to die.

If you take nothing else away from this page, remember this one important thing: "The sole focus of my new website does NOT need to be prettiness or elegance, but it DOES need to make my business money!" 

Sometimes, a website can be both - and that is a unique approach we at Strategic Visibility always aim to take with our website design services. Every site we construct follows the same design AND marketing framework that is set in place to help you convert more traffic into leads and customers. If not, why would you even hire us in the first place?

Strategic Visibility strictly follows the StoryBrand™ messaging framework for web design - turning your website into a story-telling, problem-solving solution that urges visitors to quickly want to give you their money and do business with you. Here's what it entails:

  • 1 Central or "Big" Idea
  • Strong Call(s) To Action
  • Value Stack & USP
  • Problem/Solution Layout
  • The Customer Is The Hero!
  • Keep Everything Else In The "Junk Drawer"

Website Projects By Strategic Visibility - Click An Image To Preview The Full Site

Professionally Designed WordPress Website Built For A Chiropractic Office In Rome, GA
A Professionally Designed WordPress Website Built As A Lead Generation Asset For An Outdoor Living, Hardscaping, And Masonry Contractor Business In Georgia
Lanstar Voice & Data complete website built by Strategic Visibility
Professional website built for Strategic Visibility, a digital marketing and social media marketing agency in Rome, GA

Get A High-Converting Website That Attracts More Customers

If you're tired of your website not bringing in customers, and wasting away somewhere out there on the web, and you'd rather it didn't - let's set up a time to discuss with our team. After all, you may not realize just how much of a difference a properly optimized website can make for your company. It's the single-largest time investment any growing company should be making who wants to increase brand awareness, organic traffic, and long-term sales opportunities. We build all of our sites in WordPress, the #1 CMS for speed, performance, and SEO. We take all website projects in custom - we never copy/paste or provide cookie-cutter packages.

Rest assured when Strategic Visibility designs and builds your website, you'll be ahead of 95% of companies out there who decided to cut corners, waste time, and cheapen their brand with unsavory "web guys". Let's not make that mistake, okay?

Our Recent Web Design Case Studies

Website Projects by Strategic Visibility - Click An Image To Preview The Full Site

Strategic visibility Website Design Services - Recent Project - The Bravos Landscape, Landscaping and Hardscape Design Company

The Bravo's Landscape - North Chicago, IL

Landscape Design, Hardscapes & Outdoor Living Spaces

Our client, The Bravo's Landscape, came to us with no professional website (or web presence) in place at the time. We designed a full-function, high-quality, responsive WordPress website that would get them recognized as a TOP landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor living design company in the North Chicago, IL area.

Combining their brand colors (black, forest green, and mint green) with a modern website theme proved to be just the right combination to build our their vision. We coupled the design with high-quality renderings of their biggest (and most expensive) projects they had completed up to that point. As a family-owned business, their goal was to exude high-end work, affluence, knowledge, modernism, and character. Small and boring just was not going to cut it.

Ayers Realty, LLC - Rome, GA

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Company

Our client, Ayers Realty LLC, did not have a great website in place when we started working together. It was hosted off of and it was clear they were siphoning valuable traffic from Ayers as a result. We went to work incorporating a totally new look & feel for their new site, combining brand colors, CTAs, click-to-dial Phone Numbers, and a more professional IDX system for searching properties.

The result was more easily-navigable, clearer to understand, quicker to find listings, and simpler to reach out to our client on. The site already had good traffic going to it organically, so now they are able to CONVERT that traffic into more phone calls, web form submissions, and property inquiries from their new IDX.

Multiple Personnel Company - Finished Website - Above The Fold

Multiple Personnel Company - Auburn, GA

Residential Concrete Contractor

Multiple Personnel Company (MPC for short) had zero web or online presence when we first started with them. The owner was ready to change that FAST, so we went to work immediately designing and building a fresh, sleek & modern website for his company. Everything from brand coloring, to proper CTA placement, click-to-call buttons, service pages and location pages were implemented to fill out the project correctly.

The website took us just over 2 full weeks of work to get it ready for it's first review, which was a faster pace than we normally run. With the idea and execution being clear to us and the customer, we did not have to waste valuable time going back and forth on tedious topics. Now MPC has a fully-responsivew website that is ready for qualified traffic and new customer acquisition.

Completed website for Kicky & Tinks' Playhouse - a party and event business in Spring, TX

Kicky & Tink's Playhouse - Spring, TX

Kid's Party and Event Facility

Kicky & Tink's Playhouse is a kid's birthday party facility located in Spring, TX. Their previous website mainly consisted of a few static banner images and large button overlays. No phone number, contact form did not work, mobile responsiveness was non-existent, and they KNEW they were losing precious business because of it. They wanted a completely redesigned website that would display their "fun" and "awesome" personality, while also generating more leads and phone calls. Being booked every weekend out of the year was their ultimate goal.

We started by implementing a lot of original ideas for their new site (such as brand colors, jungle-themed imagery, and scrolling monkey PNGs that would follow the user throughout the website). On top of that we added a click-to-call phone number above the fold so potentiel customers could reach them right away. We also incorporated a more fleshed-out party booking form which parents could complete ahead of scheduling in a time to come see the facility.

The approach we took with this site was one of color, imagery, kid-friendly, and excitement.